11/16 Toni's Blog

Today was our last day of school in Japan. Most of us were happy to finally come back home but we were definitely sad as well. We had a lot of memorable experiences with each other for these past two weeks and hated to see it come to an end. In school today, we took lots of pictures with and said goodbye to all of our new friends. Hopefully, we will all be able to keep in touch and remain friends for a long time. At the farewell party, we were all excited until the Kojo students performed a song for us. Even though we didn’t understand what they were saying, we could still tell that it was heartfelt. The CGS students’ performance wasn’t as emotional but it was still enjoyable and made all of us smile. After all of the food and fun activities, it was finally time to say goodbye to our host families. I can’t even put what we felt into words. It was a mix of happiness, sadness, and nostalgia all at once. Everyone was crying and hugging each other, while looking back at when we first met …

11/15 Carlos's Blog

On Thursday we had gone to Nagoya Castle. While walking to the Exhibit I had noticed many of the castles from a distance. Some of these castles were on a hill or on the ground. The first one I had visited was on a hill, made up of three floors. As soon as walk in we take off shoes to roam the building. Most of the interiors as made up of wood meanwhile the walls were made of stone. While I was on the third floor I could see most of the castles and the view of Nagoya. In the next castle I had visited was a house of royalty. Once we walked in I had to take off my shoes again. There were many traditional Japanese things.

11/16 Last day at Kojo


11/14 Alyssa's Blog

Ramen. Everybody loves ramen. In the wonderful world of Yokohama, Japan, a ramen museum exists. You may think going to a ramen museum was the highlight of my day, but unfortunately, it wasn’t.
To justify why the museum wasn’t the highlight of my day, I will explain what exactly took place today. When we left Kojo High School, the first place we went to was an area where many Japanese houses from different time periods and different areas were all scattered in one spot. To be honest, I have the attention span of a leaf, so while everyone else was invested in the architecture and historical features, I was busy thinking about how bomb that ramen was gonna be. It was a bit interesting to see how I was looking inside someone’s home from the 1700s, I was really breathing the same air as them.
By that time, everyone was literally begging for food. The area of the museum was really nice, it reminded me of the city life. My first thoughts when walking into the building was a bit confused. It…

11/15 Janisa's Blog

The fact that my time in Japan is about to come to an end hasn’t really clicked in my head yet. We leave in less than 2 days and I’m really upset. But despite having the thought of a leaving in the back of my head, today was actually really fun. For breakfast, my host mom made the usual scrambled eggs, bacon, salad, host, and my favorite, coffee. Back home, in usually just have a cup up coffee for breakfast so I’m definitely not used to eating such a big meal in the morning. After breakfast, me and my host sister walked to school. In Japan there is a lot of foot traffic especially in the bigger cities, but I find it really interesting that even in the smaller towns, you’ll still see more people walking than driving cars. Homeroom was pretty fun today because we got to practice our performance for tomorrow’s potluck and we didn’t have to do our homework. But after homeroom, my host had math and science. I really really like the science teacher. My host said she was so happy to meet me …

11/13 Marielise's Blog

After school on Tuesday my host family took me to a light show. It started as a dome like hall with white leaves on the walls and everything was sparkling with Christmas lights. As you walk through there are several sculptures built with flowers, rhinestones, and lights. It was all very beautiful.

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