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  1. Katelan Heslop
  2. Blog Post 2/12
  3. 2/12/2018
  4. Today, we left our host families in Hiroshima and made our way to Ginzan to see the Silver Mines, which we entered for about 150 meters. As our guides told us it would be, it mines were dark, cramped, and littered with old silver veins. We used flashlights to look down the more dangerous, blocked off tunnels. A few meters before the exit, we saw a bat. This of course was very normal, considering we were basically in a man-made cave, but it freaked us out a little (considering we’d never seen a bat before). The guides were amazingly knowledgeable about the history regarding the locations of entrances into the mine, their accessibility, as well as how the silver was refined.
  5. I’ve never been to mine before, and even though we couldn’t see the entirety of the one we went to, it was still amazing to learn about what the mine used to be like hundreds of years ago. Like the many shrines that surrounded the area, the mines are a large, essential part of Japanese history, and were amazing to experience.


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