Kendric writes:

  1. Kendric Void
  2. February 10,2018
  3.                               On this day I learned about Japanese edict and common restaurant styles. Today was a half a day at Nagisa school, giving us more time to spend with our hosts families. Everyday up until now my host Yukki had to go to night school so this would be the most time I would get to spend with him. Today we went to a restaurant that served yakiniku. My host described this as  a buffet style Japanese barbecue. Something I found interesting is was it wasn’t like a normal buffet; we did not go up and put the prepared food on our plates. The waitress brought uncooked meat to our table and we had to cook it ourselves. Attached to the table was a grill and a fire starter for us to use to prepare the meat. On a tablet we were able to order as much meat, rice, desserts, and etc. 
  4.                                   During dinner Trinity’s host Makoto laughed at how I was using my chopsticks;  which brought up the topic of Japanese manures. I learned manures that are less strict, for example most people would not care about someone walking while eating. But something that is seen as very rude is talking loudly on the train or cram. 


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