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Ramen. Everybody loves ramen. In the wonderful world of Yokohama, Japan, a ramen museum exists. You may think going to a ramen museum was the highlight of my day, but unfortunately, it wasn’t.

To justify why the museum wasn’t the highlight of my day, I will explain what exactly took place today. When we left Kojo High School, the first place we went to was an area where many Japanese houses from different time periods and different areas were all scattered in one spot. To be honest, I have the attention span of a leaf, so while everyone else was invested in the architecture and historical features, I was busy thinking about how bomb that ramen was gonna be. It was a bit interesting to see how I was looking inside someone’s home from the 1700s, I was really breathing the same air as them.

By that time, everyone was literally begging for food. The area of the museum was really nice, it reminded me of the city life. My first thoughts when walking into the building was a bit confused. It didn’t seem a bit like a museum, but rather a building with a few exhibits. Sad to say, you chose me to write the blog on the wrong day, because once again, I didn’t pay attention to the reason why we were actually here. My only thoughts were, “Where is the food? Is this the actual museum?” As you can see, I am a very boring person.

There was a floor downstairs where it was designed to look like the night life. the ceiling had dark blue tapestry and there were many props such as telephone booths and city-like buildings. In order to buy your ramen, you had to order it through a vending machine. One thing i’ve noticed about Japan, is that when you expect to get a small sized bowl of ramen, you still end up not being able to finish it. Good eats, good eats indeed.

We also went to some place I forgot the name of, but just know it was so eventful I will never forget it. Obviously you guys are here to know about all the historical sites and amazing landmarks I went to ahaha so let’s just leave it at that. Moral of the story is, ramen makes everyone happy. If you’re sad, eat ramen. If you’re full, eat ramen anyway. Good eats, good eats indeed.

Thanks for reading about my amazing day I hope you come to Japan when you have the chance. It’s an experience you’ll never want to forget.


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