11/15 Janisa's Blog

The fact that my time in Japan is about to come to an end hasn’t really clicked in my head yet. We leave in less than 2 days and I’m really upset. But despite having the thought of a leaving in the back of my head, today was actually really fun. For breakfast, my host mom made the usual scrambled eggs, bacon, salad, host, and my favorite, coffee. Back home, in usually just have a cup up coffee for breakfast so I’m definitely not used to eating such a big meal in the morning. After breakfast, me and my host sister walked to school. In Japan there is a lot of foot traffic especially in the bigger cities, but I find it really interesting that even in the smaller towns, you’ll still see more people walking than driving cars. Homeroom was pretty fun today because we got to practice our performance for tomorrow’s potluck and we didn’t have to do our homework. But after homeroom, my host had math and science. I really really like the science teacher. My host said she was so happy to meet me and she tries to talk a lot to me in English, which is fun and she seems to really like me. After, I at lunch with my host, Yazmin, and Yazmin’s host. For the past week Yazmin and I have eaten nothing but curry for lunch becyigs really good. Brian McMahon could never. Next was calligraphy class, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I am absolutely horrible at it. My partner was a guy who told me to call him Kat and he taught me how to write the Kanji for love. Despite writing the kanji about 15 times, I still managed to make it look ugly in the end. The class was really fun and lots of bright personalities. After school my host had to attend the meeting for studying abroad in America, so Yazmin, Yazmin’s host, and I went to a party the English club was having. Literally everybody from CGS was in there for some reason so it was really fun. We played bingo, ate pancake takoyaki, and talked a lot. Once my host was done, the four of us went to a mall. This mall was huge, like nothing I’ve ever seen in America. I bought a lot of stuff like stationary, presents for my family, and most importantly a $86 shirt. It was really fun, we took a lot of pictures to commemorate our last night together. My host dad picked us up and we dropped Yazmin and her host off. We picked up my host mom and they took me to Baskin Robbins, which they just call 31 here. At home my host mom made burgers and fries which I was really excited for because it’s was so American and great. I took a shower and went to sleep, but my host sister woke me up at about 12:30. She then gave me a huge bag of candy, stationery, accessories, and more. It almost made me cry. She also showed me that she has the matching ring to the one that she bought me in Harajuku. I went back to sleep and that was my day. Really don’t want to leave this place :(


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